Innovation creates new ideas; we seek to foster innovation by bringing together disparate groups to consider society’s most pressing problems through a holistic consideration of the problem. Entrepreneurship brings the fruit of innovation to people and the world; we will make innovation real by encouraging and enabling entrepreneurship through a host of activities. Our educational programs will be a catalyst for the work of departments, centers, and schools as we reimagine the ways in which Duke will prepare our graduates and encourage our faculty and staff to engage society in meeting the complex challenges of our modern world.

Cultivating such an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit within our educational offerings will require a strong focus on developing the following knowledge, skills, and abilities for Duke students:

  1. Creativity, nurtured through disciplined mastery as well as exposure to diverse modes of research, inquiry, and experimentation;
  2. Technical Competencies, learned by engaging the relevant topics/fields as well as through courses and bootcamps that provide the critical skills for success in innovation and entrepreneurship;
  3. Courage, Risk-taking, and Resilience, encouraged through activities that focus on experimentation and experiential learning;
  4. Reflection, developed through careful analysis (and learning the tools for such analysis), through opportunities to engage mentors and colleagues in engaging major issues facing the world, and through structures and opportunities for introspection about one’s own gifts and limitations; and
  5. Collaboration, fostered by opportunities to work in teams both vertically (involving faculty, post-docs, grad and professional and undergraduate students) and horizontally (across disciplines, schools, and modes of inquiry), and to reflect on the diverse communication and leadership challenges that teamwork involves.

We offer a full range of educational experiences to give students both the practical and theoretical knowledge required to recognize the opportunities afforded by ideas and to act on those opportunities. Our curricular programs operate at the undergraduate and graduate and professional levels, and also as continuing education for members of the larger Duke community.

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