Meet the Startups 2017

Many Duke University alumni go on to found or work at great startups around the world. Here, Duke I&E has compiled a list of startups so that the Duke entrepreneurship community can learn more about others’ companies.

To add your startup to the list, contact Howie Rhee at

Lockstep Labs offering highest quality web and mobile apps for a fraction of the usual cost

We are a team of senior developers dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals with exceptional custom software solutions.

Lockstep Labs is a custom software company with a unique model that enables us to deliver the highest quality web and mobile apps for a fraction of the usual cost.

We have a permanent software team of senior developers led by our CTO in Bangkok, Thailand, supported by our CEO, account management and design in Colorado.

We specialize in developing complex, custom SaaS solutions and mobile apps for topnotch, startups and established companies including TrustBooks, Pathgather, Quick Key and Bungalow Insurance. We have also gained deep domain expertise in Fintech, Insurtech and Edtech.

A bit about me: I graduated from Fuqua in 1990 and worked for a few years in satellite and cable TV before moving from NYC to Palo Alto to work with Elon Musk on his first startup, Zip2. I’m now based in Boulder, Colorado and have worked in software consulting, digital marketing, ecommerce and SaaS products. I’m married with 2 great boys, and enjoy rock climbing in my spare time.

I love hearing from Duke and Fuqua people, especially those involved in startups!

Owen Silver, Fuqua ’90

Dan Ariely’s Startup Lab – Applications Open – due June 30

Applications are open for Dan Ariely’s Startup Lab!

Are you insatiably curious about what drives decisions, shapes motivation, and influences behavior? Does your startup’s success hinge on the ability to affect positive behavior change that helps people live happier, healthier, and wealthier lives?

We’re looking for startups that are eager to experiment, and demonstrate a passion for building research-backed solutions to health and finance challenges.

APPLY NOW. You only have until June 30th at 5pm EST.

Dreamit Ventures UrbanTech Accelerator – Now Accepting Applications!

Dreamit Ventures is currently accepting applications for its UrbanTech Accelerator. The accelerator is a 14-week program in partnership with Strategic Property Partners (Jeff Vinick & Bill Gates’ Cascade Fund) who are developing a $3B Smart City in downtown Tampa. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain access to unprecedented coaching, capital and customers, and put yourself in a unique position to raise a series A.

Dreamit is looking for innovative companies in the urban tech space (mainly real-estate and construction tech) who are post-seed, pre-series A with proven product, customers and capital.

If interested, please reach out to:

Farrin Katz

and set up a call to discuss further. Application deadline is June 23rd.

FoodFutureCo Seeking ‘Good Food’ Entrepreneurs – deadline 5/30

My name is Janet Ng, and I’ve been working as a Fellow with FoodFutureCo, the first scale-up accelerator in food, agriculture, and social entrepreneurship. We’re in the process of recruiting for our next cohort of mission-driven companies, and I wanted to share the application information with the Duke and DukeGEN community. The deadline is May 31.

Below is some information about FoodFutureCo:

FoodFutureCo is the first scale-up accelerator for mission-driven companies in food, agriculture, and social entrepreneurship. We help entrepreneurs in the “Good Food Ecosystem” that have already established market traction and are generating real revenue “scale up” to the next stage.

Geoffrey A. Moore said it best in Crossing the Chasm, “for today’s companies, crossing the chasm from visionaries (early adopters) to pragmatists (early majority), is the hardest hurdle in the adoption lifecycle.” We help companies to “cross the chasm” through hands-on mentorship from our experienced “been there, done that” program team, support from our world-class mentor network, and deep industry connections of advisor and investors.

To be considered, the companies must:
-Have annual revenues approaching $1 million
-Work in the following food sectors:
*Consumer products
*Local food
*Ag Tech
*Food Tech
*Food Waste
*Sustainable seafood
*Plant-based solutions
-Be purpose driven

Please let me know if you’re interested in learning more or have any questions (and mention this email). Otherwise, you can begin the application process here — applications are due by May 31st.

To share details:
To apply:

BreatheAware offering Digital Health Training

I’m Peter Hermann, Fuqua CC ’09, and CEO of BreatheAware, out of Nashville, TN. This is my second ‘from scratch’ startup, the first was an enterprise software services company that I built while in the Duke program and sold in 2013, right around when I and my business partner started BreatheAware. I’m happy to provide more information or share my experiences with other Duke entrepreneurs, students or faculty.

BreatheAware makes digital health training programs for prevention, recovery and performance in clinical, employer and consumer settings. In general, digital health therapies are changing public health today as much as biology-based innovations by offering accessible, effective, practical, and non-pharmaceutical means of preventing disease, driving recovery, making new therapies and diagnostics broadly available, and even improving performance. Over time the therapies coming to market will have a huge impact on global health, too, with nearly 6b people now smart-phone enabled. BreatheAware is part of this next wave of Health tech.

Our Stress product is in an increasing number of provider practices and systems, and even used for performance by an NFL team! Our Pain Management product is in clinical study with Vanderbilt Health and offers an effective alternative (or complement) to opiates. It will go GA in June, along with a number of additional programs targeted to employers, a ‘freemium’ product, and a lot of new tech.

We’ve re-imagined SaaS as a health utility, starting with epidemic diseases that are largely based in lifestyle and self-care. Working with physicians, we’re also pioneering the sale of digital products via their offices and hospital networks. We believe many providers will soon be the key source for trusted digital therapies that add to their practice’s value-orientation, quality of care, engagement with patients, and to their bottom line.

To date we’ve been mostly self-funded, but in 2016 raised money from Jumpstart Foundry, a healthcare innovation fund out of Nashville, as well as from a number of private investors. We’re launching a new raise now.

Please feel free to contact me at I’m also a member of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO), which has a particularly strong chapter in Nashville, and I’ve seen is growing in Durham as well!

PushEngage offering Personalized Browser Push Notifications, live in 115+ countries

I am a Daytime MBA Class of 2006 alumni. After my MBA, I spent time on Wall Street as Equity Analyst and then I worked at a venture fund for couple of years. Then I decided to become an Entrepreneur, and currently building PushEngage.

PushEngage provides a Marketing platform to enable Web Push Notifications on your website, and manage campaigns and analytics around that. We are live in 115+ countries with 5500+ websites. Browser Push Notifications are a recent channel with higher engagement than Email.

Anyone who is using Email marketing should consider adding this new channel to increase engagement of their users. We have seen customer drive extra 20 to 30% monthly visit using this rapidly growing channel.

We are a Delaware company, but all of our team is working out of Bangalore.

Email me at, if you would like to discuss more. You are welcome to take our Free trial at as well.

Paul Segars (Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories, Duke Department of Radiology) offering realistic computational models of the human and animal anatomy and physiology to serve as virtual subjects for studies in biomedical imaging as well as other areas of research.

My name is Paul Segars. I got my B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina (1996) and my Ph.D degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of North Carolina (2001). I’m currently an Associate Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering in the Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories in the Department of Radiology at Duke University.

I develop realistic computational models of the human and animal anatomy and physiology. Populations of models are available which cover both genders and varying ages, heights, and weights. Each model is highly detailed, defining the organs and structures with a combination of spline and polygon mesh surfaces, and includes parameterized models for the cardiac and respiratory motions. Any number of different anatomies, motions or patterns, and subject positioning and orientation can be created to perform research.

Combined with algorithms that simulate medical imaging devices, images can be generated from the anatomical models as if they were live subjects. As such, experiments can be conducted entirely on the computer with complete user control of the subject’s anatomy, imaging device, and protocol. A researcher can image the models over and over again, altering system and acquisition parameters to find the ones that give the highest image quality for a given task while maintaining a low radiation dose to the subject. Such experiments would be impossible to perform with live subjects due to cost, time, and risks to the subject (e.g. radiation exposure).

With an unparalleled level of realism, the anatomical models have found a wide use in biomedical imaging to quantitatively evaluate, optimize, and enhance medical imaging devices and techniques for more accurate clinical diagnoses. They have also found great use in other fields such as radiation dosimetry, radiation therapy, medical device design, and even the security and defense industry.

The anatomical models and other simulation tools are offered through the Duke University Office of Licensing and Ventures (OLV). For more information about the models and how to obtain them, please check out our Duke OLV website at the following address: Also feel free to contact me via email at

SKYWIRE offers high-speed bandwidth with different delivery topology

My company is SKYWIRE, and we are an ISP providing high-speed bandwidth using an entirely new delivery topology in dense urban environments. We service businesses, apartments, hotels, condos, and special events with speeds over 5 gigabits per second and increasing. Our delivery model allows us to achieve these speeds with full redundancies for a fraction of the cost to install fiber. We are currently supporting customers in Orlando, DC, Baltimore, and New York and are rapidly expanding.

I am a graduate of Fuqua, class of ’13 and we are located in Virginia Beach for the moment (moving to DC in the summer).

My contact info is:


Joel McIntyre

LuckyDiem offers businesses turnkey, risk-free digital marketing platform

Founded by Duke Alum Andrew Landis ‘T89

LuckyDiem is a New York-based startup that has built a platform that completely removes time and money from the digital marketing equation. The company provides businesses with a turnkey marketing platform that includes mobile search, variable promotions, social media and even a gamified customer loyalty program. The platform takes less than five minutes to setup, and businesses don’t have to add any new hardware or software to their operations. Think of LuckyDiem as a Yelp with discounts, prizes and loyalty program for all of its listings.

We are seeking strategic partnerships with companies that can help us add either users or businesses to our marketplace.

We are also looking for engineers to help us build out our iOS app.

Please follow-up with with any ideas or help.

SmartBridge offering on-demand remote access to the world’s top oncologists for phone consultations and expert second opinions

I’m the CEO of SmartBridge, and I graduated from Duke in 2003 with a BA in public policy and a markets and management certificate. Our co-founder Dr. Jeremy Force is an oncologist at the Duke Cancer Institute.

The SmartBridge vision is a path to optimal cancer care, accessible and affordable for all. We give patients 24/7 remote access to quality-verified oncologists. We’re multilingual and we have an interactive platform that is HIPAA compliant.

We’re based in Durham and Washington, DC.

Please reach out if you have questions:
@huawang0 (Twitter)

MEDNIVA offering customized learning solutions for the global healthcare industry

I graduated from Fuqua in 2005. In 2013 I just left my role as CFO of Skywest after we sold the business to Virgin and was serving as president of the Duke Club in Singapore while planning my next career move. In this role, I met with Bob Kamei, the Vice Dean of Education at Duke-NUS Medical School, which is Duke’s a joint venture medical school with the National University of Singapore to see if we could organize a Duke-UNC basketball game watch on the Singapore campus. During that lunch, Bob asked me what I was interested in doing after the airline and I said I was interested in education and technology. His eyes lit up and then a series of meetings with then Dean Ranga Krishnan and Associate Dean of Research David Epstein led to my appointment as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence focused on learning technologies and methods. We filed a patent around the innovative teaching methods and technologies (InteLearn™) at Duke-NUS and setup a company to commercialize them (

MEDNIVA is our healthcare vertical lead by Sumeet Sud (a Trinity alum) which provides highly customized learning solutions to the global healthcare industry. With exclusive access to InteLearn™, the patent-pending learning methods that leverage cognitive science, and form the basis of learning at Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore) and Duke University School of Medicine (U.S.A.), MEDNIVA creates value for the industry that leads to better physician and patient outcomes. Projects for GSK, Pfizer and Takeda have averaged a 46% improvement in learning outcomes and a 100% satisfaction rate. If you are a pharma or medical device company, you should check out or contact

InteDashboard offering educators real-time data to optimize learning

I graduated from Fuqua in 2005. In 2013 I just left my role as CFO of Skywest after we sold the business to Virgin and was serving as president of the Duke Club in Singapore while planning my next career move. In this role, I met with Bob Kamei, the Vice Dean of Education at Duke-NUS Medical School, which is Duke’s a joint venture medical school with the National University of Singapore to see if we could organize a Duke-UNC basketball game watch on the Singapore campus. During that lunch, Bob asked me what I was interested in doing after the airline and I said I was interested in education and technology. His eyes lit up and then a series of meetings with then Dean Ranga Krishnan and Associate Dean of Research David Epstein led to my appointment as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence focused on learning technologies and methods. We filed a patent around the innovative teaching methods and technologies (InteLearn™) at Duke-NUS and setup a company to commercialize them (

InteDashboard™ is the proprietary teaching dashboard software built to implement our education programs. It is being beta tested by educators at 17 universities on four continents including Duke’s and Yale’s campuses in Singapore. If you are an educator that wants to improve outcomes with real-time data, you should check out or contact

5stepCareers offering career skills to help talented people get better jobs faster

I graduated from Fuqua in 2005. In 2013 I just left my role as CFO of Skywest after we sold the business to Virgin and was serving as president of the Duke Club in Singapore while planning my next career move. In this role, I met with Bob Kamei, the Vice Dean of Education at Duke-NUS Medical School, which is Duke’s a joint venture medical school with the National University of Singapore to see if we could organize a Duke-UNC basketball game watch on the Singapore campus. During that lunch, Bob asked me what I was interested in doing after the airline and I said I was interested in education and technology. His eyes lit up and then a series of meetings with then Dean Ranga Krishnan and Associate Dean of Research David Epstein led to my appointment as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence focused on learning technologies and methods. We filed a patent around the innovative teaching methods and technologies (InteLearn™) at Duke-NUS and setup a company to commercialize them (

5stepCareers is career skills curriculum designed to help talented people get better jobs faster based on experience reviewing 10,000 resumes and interviewing hundreds of candidates. The curriculum covers five core topics (career strategy, pitching, resumes, networking and interviews) each broken down into an easy to follow step by step process. We deliver weeklong face-to-face boot camps and workshops taught with active learning methods. We have developed five companion online courses on Udemy that have reached thousands of learners. Our online courses can be accessed here with a limited number of free trial codes. More details below or by contacting

RockIT partners with Bay Area startups to grow engineering teams

Cody Voellinger and Jane Buescher both graduated from Duke undergrad in 2005. Their company, RockIT, partners with Bay Area startups to help build and grow their engineering teams. We are located in the SoMA neighborhood of San Francisco. If you want to learn more about RockIT, reach out to either or

Sentry offering smart home security service

Sentry was founded by Uday Kiran Chaka (MBA’06, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University), to make home a place where one can feel truly safe.

While studying at Duke, Uday’s apartment was broken-in and he lost his beloved Palm Pilot. After having kids, he and his wife wanted to know if the nanny is taking good care of the kids, without having to look at the security camera video all the time. Last year, Uday’s 85-year-old grandmother was moved to a nursing home, as the family was worried that she may fall and there may be no one around to help her quickly. He has been looking for ways to make homes safe for the loved ones, ward off thieves and put an end to easy burglaries. Uday thought that all the needed technologies are available, but have not been put together as a smart and convenient home security service, and started Sentry to do just that.

Sentry is building the first smart home security solution that interacts through a virtual personal assistant “Lila”. Lila recognizes people, identifies what they are doing, and learns activity routines. Lila keeps an eye on kids, pets, visitors, nanny, house keeper, maintenance crew, etc., and tracks any deviations from normal behaviors. Lila automatically recognizes signs of distress, whether vocalized or not, identifies and warns intruders, and alerts family members or 911 in case of a home invasion or medical emergency. Lastly, an ever-present companion, Lila even reminds and nudges one to follow through on one’s goals, such as healthy routines for sleep and exercise.

Customers pay a monthly service fee for Sentry’s smart home security solution that includes regular maintenance and periodic refresh of the hardware and software.

Sentry is partnering with a smart camera company and a home insurance leader to pilot the solution with a small user base and incorporate the feedback to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the summer of 2017.

Sentry is located in Mountain View, CA, and has a team of 7, including two interns from Duke – Hien Nguyen MBA’18, Yuting Liao MEM’17.

If you want to know more or join the team, please get in touch with Uday Kiran Chaka ( or visit

Tea with Company offering curated pairings of artisan tea and craft chocolate, delivered once a month.

About myself

My name is Faiyam Rahman. I attended Duke University (Trinity) from 2009-2013 and graduated with a B.S in mathematics and minors in music and chem while on the premed track.

In the year after I graduated, I decided not to go to medical school after all, and experimented with ~8 different business ideas before deciding to get my MEng in Computer Engineering from Cornell Tech, a new school founded to train high tech entrepreneurs. After graduating, I worked as a Product Manager at an education tech startup for a year before quitting and getting to work on Tea with Company.

What I’m offering

Tea with Company sends people curated pairings of artisan tea and craft chocolate once a month. The tea is single-origin and so traceable I could tell you the name of the tea master that made it. The craft chocolate comes from small bean-to-bar makers, mostly based in the United States, each of which are run by a real human being with a fascinating story — someone you can root for.

Where I’m located

I’m located in Roslyn, NY, just 15 minutes outside of NYC.

How people should get in touch with me

Best way is email:

UrbanStems offering on demand flower & gift delivery

Founded by Ajay Kori (Trinity ’06) and Jeff Sheely (Trinity ’06), UrbanStems is the flower & gift delivery startup that makes sending happiness an everyday experience. The company offers a seamless gifting experience by delivering fresh, seasonal bouquets and gifts starting at just $35 with free same-day delivery. Bouquets are designed in-house, with a rotating selection of 4-5 seasonal arrangements, and customers receive a confirmation photo of their gift after it has been hand-delivered to the recipient. UrbanStems was founded in 2014 and is currently blooming in Washington, D.C., New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Austin.

We are based in D.C. and can be reached at and or by visiting

Waste for Good offering hyper-local service to convert food waste into clean energy

I graduated with my Joint MBA/MEM (Fuqua and Nicholas) in 2014. I was a former Co-President of the Duke Start-Up Challenge and have experience in food, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.

In 2016 I co-founded Waste for Good, a social enterprise that is on a mission to divert waste meant for landfills and oceans, and instead harness it into a beneficial resource for local communities.

Our first initiative is tackling food waste in urban areas. We do this by connecting sustainably-minded food businesses to a hub in the community (think food pantry, homeless shelter, or any building seeking to close the loop on their net zero energy and zero waste goals.)

At these hubs we’ll place a small-scale anaerobic digester (a proven, existing technology) that converts food scraps from nearby food businesses and the hub itself into a local source of clean energy. Our “last mile” solution for urban food waste and clean energy is both affordable and scalable compared to alternatives such as composting or waste-to-water recycling.

We are currently developing a pilot in New York City. If you are a NYC business interested in joining our pilot to divert your food scraps, as a community hub partner, or supporting us in another way, we’d love to hear from you. Email me, Janet Ng Reynolds, at

Taxaroo is helping tax preparers run better practices

Brian Liebert (Fuqua ’15) and Tim Sestrich (Fuqua ’16) combined forces as a CPA and an engineer who wanted to find a way to help tax preparers run better practices.

Today, a modern tax office still relies on a combination of spreadsheets, web portals, document sharing, invoicing, and communication tools. With tax season only a few months, every minute counts to a tax pro. Working across multiple tools slows down the office, causes mistakes, and makes management challenging.

Launched in 2015, Taxaroo automates tax preparation so tax pros can spend more time providing value-add guidance to their clients, and less time collecting information, doing follow ups, and managing the endless bits of workflow.

In our launch year hundreds of firms signed up. At this point in our growth over 2,500 tax returns are prepared through our platform annually, transforming the way tax pros manage their business. We’ve received tremendous feedback from both accountants and clients, and continue to develop innovative features to disrupt the marketplace.

Taxaroo is based out of NYC, and we can be reached at Learn more at

Music is Win offers online guitar courses from a YouTube celebrity Berklee College of Music grad.

My name is Damien Hoffman. I am the co-owner of Music is Win as well as the founder and CEO of The Cheat Sheet (one of the largest online publishers in the US). I graduated Duke in 2000 from Trinity.

Music is Win offers fun online education for guitar novices and experts. Music is Win centers around YouTube celebrity Berklee College of Music grad Tyler Larson (Guitar World, Guitar Player, PRS Guitars).

I live in Asheville, NC, but am frequently in NYC. Anyone interested in learning more or business development opportunities can email me at

PodKeeper offering online collaboration tool for busy parents

I’m Nikki Sacks and I received my MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 2004. I am the Co-Founder of PodKeeper which is an online platform that allows parents of kids ages 3 – 15 to keep organized like never before. We’ve achieved great traction and are now looking to scale the company and are interested in talking to investors. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and can be reached at 704-759-6116 and

Higgs Boson, LLC offering Manage My Surgery (MMS)

Manage My Surgery (MMS) is developed by Higgs Boson, LLC and is a revolutionary application which navigates the patient through all phases of their surgical procedure. It provides a secure and HIPAA-compliant mobile platform which fosters communication between the patient, practice, and care provides. We have created different modules in Gastroenterology, Neuromodulation and Spine.

An overwhelming body of evidence has shown that patients who are more actively engaged in their care experience better health outcomes and incur lower costs. Preparation for an upcoming procedure can be a stressful process for a patient. Can I eat 24 hours prior? When do I stop my medications? How early do I need to arrive? Can I drive home? What type of pain can I expect post-procedure? Manage My Surgery provides real-time answers to these questions and more via a robust and user-friendly tool which empowers the patient throughout the life-cycle of the procedure. It provides patients, family members and providers reminders, checklists and procedure-specific information on one integrated mobile platform.

Higgs Boson, LLC consists of a team of seasoned physicians, surgeons (including 2 Duke faculty members) and information technology professionals who believe that the right data, in the right hands, at the right time can improve patient satisfaction and provide better outcomes.

Here is a brief video overview:

Anyone interested in learning more can contact me at or my co-founder Nandan Lad, MD PHD at

PropertyChek offering Real Estate Title Services in India

PropertyChek was founded by 3 Duke University Fuqua School of Business MBA alumni – Uday Kiran Chaka ’06, Achal Tandon ’06 and Amarjot Sandhu ’08 – to improve trust and transparency in the $180B Indian real estate industry.

PropertyChek is building the first pan-India real estate title repository to assist property buyers, investors and lenders in verifying the ownership of any residential real estate anywhere in India.

Buyers can visit, order a Title Search Report (TSR) or Legal Opinion for any condo, house or land they are planning to purchase, and PropertyChek prepares a CarFax-like report listing the history of ownership, risks identified, and our recommendation on whether the property can be purchased or not.

We are growing at the rate of 50 to 100% month-over-month in revenues and raising our first round of funding from friends & family and angels to expand to 10 largest cities in India by the end of the year.

PropertyChek has its headquarters in Pune, India, and also has a US branch office in Mountain View, CA.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with Uday Kiran Chaka ( or Amarjot Sandhu (

Lawless Jerky offering All Natural, 100% Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

I’m Matt Tolnick, Founder, CEO and Head Jerky Chef at Lawless Jerky. I studied Economics and Public Policy at Duke and worked as a sports agent and litigation attorney after law school at UCLA. Over 4 years ago, I left the practice to pursue my passion: crafting all-natural jerky made with high quality, transparently-sourced ingredients.

Lawless Jerky currently offers seven world-inspired “Braver Flavors” including Mango Habanero, Sweet Sriracha, Aloha Teriyaki, BBQ Spare Rib and Pho. Our unique recipes conjure flavors and feature ingredients never before seen in jerky.

Lawless Jerky has recently entered a strategic partnership with the world’s #2 jerky producer, and we are currently fundraising to support the growth opportunities that will come with that relationship.

I’ve built Lawless Jerky with the help of a dozen Duke alumni investors, and have built my team primarily with Duke graduates. More recently, I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring current Duke students enrolled in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate program.

You can find Lawless Jerky in the Southeast at Publix and Food Lion supermarkets, Sheetz and Racetrac convenience stores, and thousands of other locations in the Northeast, Texas, Arizona, California and beyond. Our jerky can also be purchased at our website,, and on Amazon.

…and it all started out in Few Quad in 2002 when my friends and I pitched in for a dehydrator and began to experiment with meat snacks.

You can reach me via e-mail at

Invanti helps talented people navigate the most important part of entrepreneurship: finding the right problem to solve. We then support them to create effective solutions and build early-stage companies

Maria graduated from Duke in 2012 with a degree in civil engineering. Her new venture, Invanti, is a think tank/accelerator that is based on the idea that great entrepreneurs act as problem finders before they act as problem solvers.
Invanti recruits professionals who are hungry to solve big problems but don’t have an idea yet to join full-time, six-month cohorts focused on a theme. We help them discover opportunities that are ripe for scalable business solutions by connecting them with the right information and the right people and support them with entrepreneurship curriculum and mentors. After six months, co- founding teams of two launch early-stage impact ventures.

Invanti is currently recruiting for its first Financial Inclusion cohort, which will be based in South Bend from Sept ’17 – March ’18. If you would like to learn more you email Maria at

Ziuli Interactive: offering disruptive artist representation through digital publication tailored to the millennial audience

My name is Patrick Mills, and I graduated in 2012 from Duke School of Law with an LLM in Law & Entrepreneurship. In addition to assisting Louisiana-based startups on IP matters and as a business consultant, I write social commentary novels that utilize a horror or dystopian/post-apocalyptic setting to make their point about issues in America or the world at large. My trials in seeking publication led me to found Ziuli Interactive.

Ziuli Interactive is an all-digital publication platform that seeks to offer a middle ground between traditional and self-publication while bringing millennial consumers back to the written word.

We offer the following products/services to three market segments:

1) For End Users — a streaming service for literature that matches users with content via a blind matching algorithm that repackages written content to appeal to millennial consumers delivered through a mobile/web application [think: Netflix for books]

2) For Authors — dynamic, middle market publication platform that provides a lower barrier to entry than traditional publication while offering support services (marketing, editorial, legal, etc) that self-publication does not in a package that allows authors to retain ownership of their IP [think a ‘writer’s incubator’]

3) For Existing Publishers — an alternative distribution system for their library of media that capitalizes on market direction in content delivery as well as working to increase readership among millennials (and, thus, sales) by repackaging content to suit their tastes and consumption patterns and direct

We are currently located in Shreveport, Louisiana [Hollywood South] with plans to have an additional office in either New York City or Los Angeles in the future.

Please contact us directly by email at or me personally at or

Dana Consulting offering Sales Acceleration for B2B Startups

My name is Victor Adefuye, and I am the founder of Dana Consulting (Trinity ’03). Dana is my second startup. I founded the company after seeing too many entrepreneurs struggle with launching their sales efforts.

Dana works with founders of B2B startups to bridge the gap between early revenue and a fully functioning sales team. Most entrepreneurs have subject matter or technical expertise, but lack sales experience. This makes it difficult for them to build and execute their initial go-to-market efforts. Dana supports them with customer discovery, developing sales strategy, building sales operations, and hiring and training salespeople.

My clients include high growth startups (usually seed to series A; later for sales training) and fortune 500 companies looking to launch new products and services.

I’m located in NYC.

You can get in touch with me at the contact info below.


FAWN empowers people to shop local

Hey there dukies! I’m Josh Israels, the CEO and Founder of FAWN (a 2005 Fuqua grad).

FAWN is a San Francisco based tech company with a mission to empower people to shop local, anywhere. We have created a revolutionary way for small businesses to participate in e-commerce without draining their time and limited budget. This is a $4.5 trillion industry and we’re super excited to be part of a movement that ensures the future success of our great, independent local businesses.

We just completed our first round of funding. If anyone is interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me at

Voyij offering an exclusive travel platform for visitors to Alaska to connect with local businesses and experiences

My name is Olivia Klupar (Duke MBA, Fuqua 2018). I was born and raised in Alaska and this summer my brother and I are running a new online platform (website and mobile app – that connects travelers to local communities and experiences in Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway.

Imagine receiving local recommendations and insight direct to your smartphone – custom, convenient, real-time, and time-saving.

We are looking for beta testers! If you or someone you know is going on an Alaskan cruise (or traveling to Juneau, Ketchikan, or Skagway) please email me or forward along their info and I will send a special gift!

Additionally seeking guidance on how to grow our business to new travel destinations. Best email is

CoapTech offering novel medical device for minimally invasive feeding tube placement

Howard Carolan MPH, MBA is a Trinity ’06 alum who is leading CoapTech, a startup medical device company based in Baltimore, MD. CoapTech is developing a novel device and minimally invasive method for placement of gastrostomy feeding tubes. The technology platform combines magnetic guidance with ultrasound visualization to precisely and safely place both therapeutic and diagnostic catheters. This platform technology has the potential to successfully disrupt several medical applications, substantially reducing costs while improving safety and patient experience. A short video at describes the procedure’s advantages. Visit to learn more, or email

Medicare Pathfinder uses data science and human centered design to improve senior healthcare

I’m a 2010 WEMBA graduate of Fuqua. As you know, I’ve been working on Medicare Pathfinder for a couple of years now and we’re making good progress. Here is our elevator pitch:

80% of American seniors have insufficient Medicare coverage, which wastes $42 billion in unnecessary medical costs each year. At the same time, insurers face low sales performance and high customer acquisition costs that often require a 2 to 4 year break-even period.
Medicare Pathfinder has developed technology that helps seniors to intuitively optimize their Medicare coverage while enabling insurers to dramatically improve their sales performance.
Medicare Pathfinder is located at Georgia Tech’s ATDC Incubator in Atlanta, GA.
Our website is
My email is
We are currently recruiting seniors for beta tests.

Scott Cadora

Windsor Circle offering “Out-of-the-Box’ Predictive Actions for Retail Marketers

Gautham Pandiyan, Duke classes of 2008 (MS) and 2009 (MEM), is VP of Business Development & a leader at Windsor Circle helping form win-win partnerships that bring Retail Marketers significant value.

Windsor Circle offers a Predictive Marketing software platform with ‘Out-of-the-Box’ use-cases like Predictive Replenishment, Predictive Gifting, Predictive Customer Value etc., to help Retailers monetize their historical data and turn Predictive Insights into Action, reaching the right consumers at the right time, with the right message. Windsor Circle works with 300+ Retailers like L’Oréal, Lenovo, Ghirardelli and more, and produces a 20%+ revenue lift for treated consumers.

Windsor Circle is located in the heart of Downtown Durham, and Gautham can be reached at, or 919-259-4124.

Technedge Solutions LLC offering Cost Effective Technology Consulting Services

My name is Aditya Sharma. I graduated in May 2015 from Master of Engineering Management at Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University. I am passionate about technology, innovation and consulting. This led me to start my career as Technology Consultant at Big 4 where I got multiple opportunities to become part of some of the most innovative and large scale technology implementation projects for Fortune 100 companies. I am an entrepreneur by heart and founded Technedge Solutions LLC with a vision to build an innovative and reliable technology consulting firm.

Technedge Solutions LLC is an IT Consulting firm based out of Chicago and support office in India. Our services include website development, mobile app development, digital marketing and graphic designing. We help companies improve profit margin and performance by providing technology experts, modern infrastructure and industry best practices. Over the last six years, our team of 70+ technology and business experts has turned challenges into opportunities for clients located around the globe.

I would be happy to get in touch with a blue devil, you can always reach me at or +1 919 908 3806

MANGO Connects offering millennials a free interactive web app that acts as their personal networking coach

Sue Wollan Fan is a Duke P’17, former corporate executive, and nonprofit president. She is the Founder of MANGO Connects, an early stage tech company built for and with over 100 millennials, including many Duke students. More at

About MANGO:

85-percent of jobs are found through people, not job postings. MANGO is a free web app that makes it easy to navigate the tactical steps of connecting with professionals in your network without the guesswork.

  • Write customized networking emails that let you shine through
  • Create conversation outlines tailored to what each person has to offer
  • Manage task lists so you don’t miss a step
  • Leverage your LinkedIn connections confidently

MANGO helps anyone, even the first-timer, turn contacts into relationships. Try it for free at

We are a virtual company with collaborators spread out geographically. Sue Wollan Fan is located in Minneapolis, MN.

Reach out and connect at:
Sue Wollan Fan
612-860-7318 – cell/text

The Fantasy Doctors (TFD) takes a closer look at injuries as they pertain to Fantasy Sports

Home of the “InjuryBoard” series on YouTube where we have partnered with some of the most prominent medical doctors in the country, most notably Dr. Selene Parekh (Duke University Professor & Orthopaedic Surgeon). Dr. Parekh and our physician partners analyze injuries and discuss their expectations for the athletes recovery and return to competition. Cutting across all sports, we often break injury timetables before any other outlet giving our followers an unquestionable fantasy edge. TFD has been featured on Yahoo Sports, Sporting News, Fantasy Alarm, FanRag Sports Network, Tunein Radio, ESPN Radio, and Sirius XM Radio. This is fantasy sports with the precision of a panel of doctors, Fantasy Doctors.

As stated above our connection with Duke University runs deep, in fact, it’s the common thread through most of our contributors at TFD. Along side with Dr. Parekh, we have many Duke University students as interns that provide pivotal roles within TFD.

We are based out of the Durham area, however we have contributors all over the country and in New Zealand. You can find links to our work below in the signature. Additionally, our contact email is

BumpBar offering women’s health specific nutrition solutions

BumpBar is an obstetrician-formulated pregnancy nutrition bar made from carefully selected wholefoods that provides pregnant and nursing women with quality daily nutrition without artificial ingredients. As a company, BumpBar is committed to women and their health. We’re dedicated to raising awareness about women’s health issues and providing the best nutrition with the highest quality ingredients available. To learn more and get a free sample, visit or email

BumpBar is based in South Lake Tahoe, California. Scott Weavil, Trinity ’04, started BumpBar in order to meet the needs of patients in his wife’s obstetrics practice who were looking for an on-the-go healthy snack alternative with ingredients specifically designed to support healthy pregnancies and nursing.

Scott can be reached at

National Association of Parents offering membership to parents in the USA and 501(c)(3) other opportunities

A 501(c)(3) member association charity founded by David S. DeLugas, Duke (Trinity) 1976 graduate (and one of the last male cheerleaders at Duke), with its current Board including Roshown McLeod, Duke 1998, star on the Duke men’s basketball team, and 1st Round Atlanta Hawks draft choice, Steven J. Campbell, Fuqua MBA 1978, and Pamela (Mohr) Falcigno, M.D., Duke BSME 1977.

The National Association of Parents offers pro bono legal services for married and unmarried parents across the USA whose Constitutional rights are being infringed and in cases where their children have not been hurt and were not in actual risk of harm. Intrusion between parent and child is serious and the National Association of Parents advocates for parents who are arrested or who are investigated for such innocuous actions as “allowing” their children to walk home from a neighborhood park, to take the dog for a walk without also taking a parent in tow, or to excuse their own high-performing child from missing school but are, nonetheless, arrested and charged with the crime of violating the state’s mandatory “education” law (which is actually a mandatory attendance law unrelated to education of children).

As it grows in numbers, the National Association of Parents will negotiate benefits such as discounts on products and services and specially designed products and services for America’s parents. Currently, there is not an organization that represents the interests of parents without pushing a particular agenda or doctrine. The National Association of Parents does not suggest or dictate what parents should do, but works to preserve the parent-child relationship only by reliance on the US Constitution as interpreted by the US Supreme Court. We protects the right of parents to be adequate and not have to conform to what others determine they must do (or not do).

The National Association of Parents is the ACLU, the AARP and the Institute for Justice for parents and their children. #parentslove à #parentsdecide so long as not causing harm to their children.

Based in Atlanta, but with a national presence, the National Association of Parents looks forward to Duke University alumni supporting its efforts by becoming dues paying members for as little as $19 and/or by donating to this 501(c)(3) by going to

Contact David by email:

We would be pleased to discuss your teaming with us to grow our membership base, to increase our influence in the national discussion on parenting and children, and in securing benefits for our members.

Clozd runs win-loss programs for B2B companies so they more effectively compete and win more

My name is Spencer Dent. I attended Fuqua from 2008-2010. After Fuqua, I worked for Bain & Company and Qualtrics before founding Clozd.

Since Duke, I have worked within B2B sales, marketing, and product organizations across industries and around the world. I repeatedly have seen that B2B companies struggle to understand why they win and lose deals. Understanding win-loss is particularly challenging in B2B settings because of long sales cycles, unique business needs, and a healthy dose of the human element. But companies need to know why!

If you know why you win and lose, you will:
Build the product features or offer the services that customers want
Give your sales team an edge by understanding why customers are or are not choosing you
Develop marketing collateral and campaigns that address what customers really want and effectively position your offering against competitors
Clozd runs win-loss programs for B2B companies so they more effectively compete and win more.

How do we do it?

We interview your buyers post-decision as a neutral third party and then share those findings broadly across your organization. We use our technology to derive those insights and make the findings available across your teams. By doing so on a regular cadence, we are able to systematically uncover the core drivers of why you win and lose, identify your competitive strengths and weakness, and help you win.

We are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer our services around the globe.

If you are interested in learning more, visit or email me directly at

Windfall offers engagement strategies for affluent U.S. consumers

Windfall allows organizations to better identify, understand and engage with affluent US consumers (households with more than $1 million in wealth). Our dataset is rebuilt weekly and captures over 20 million consumers.

The company was founded by Arup Banerjee, Duke ’07, and Dan Stevens, Duke ’07. The company was started in July 2016 and has since raised venture capital. Windfall is located in downtown San Francisco and is looking for:
Introductions to non profits that could use Windfall
Introductions to organizations targeting affluent consumers
Hiring full time positions for:
Data Science / Data Engineering
Customer Success
Enterprise Sales
For internships (summer or during the school year – local only):
If you would like to learn more, please email:

RedHawk Foods offers nutritious and healthy snacks, including Jamba Snacks

RedHawk Foods is an entrepreneurial, innovative and market-driven company. Tired of seeing people forced to compromise when looking for both great tasting and nutritious snacks, RedHawk was formed in late 2014 to specifically make incredibly delicious and healthy foods. The company is a leader in snacking nutrition and introduced the healthiest fruit snack in the market in mid-2015. Sold under the Jamba Juice brand, the snacks are found in Jamba stores and in major retailers such as Albertson’s, Safeway, Walmart, Shaw’s, Amazon, HyVee and Diablo Foods and on over 1,000 college and corporate campuses. In addition to being Organic, Made from Fruits and Vegetables, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan and made in a Peanut-Free environment, Jamba Snacks provide 100% of the USDA daily recommended value of Vitamin C and 25% of A, 7 B vitamins, D, E and K vitamins. Consumers describe Jamba Snacks as “Great Taste/Delicious”, “Like that it is Organic”, “Love the nutrition in the product”, “Great that it includes fruit and vegetables”, “Healthy Go-To snack”, and “Yummy”. The Jamba Bites and Jamba Shreds are representative of the nutritional foods that RedHawk will bring to market through innovation, licensing, partnerships and the acquisition of food and beverage brands and businesses.

To get in touch, contact president and CEO Donald Stanners at

FreeBusy offering A.I. scheduling assistant for teams and enterprises

I’m a Duke alum (Class of 2002), currently founder and CEO of FreeBusy, an A.I. scheduling assistant for teams and enterprises. We’re based in San Francisco with a distributed team across U.S. and E.U. With FreeBusy you can find the best time to meet with four people from two companies in 60 seconds not two days, which is the typical wasted time with email back-and-forth. FreeBusy was recently recognized in a landscape of enterprise A.I. companies focused on productivity.

I’ve been doing startups since I was an undergrad when I operated a university-wide service called Over the years I’ve been heavily involved with DukeGEN and the Duke Startup Challenge (I participated in the first ever DSC 15+ years ago and later, was a judge).

To follow/contact me:

To follow/contact the company:

Contrast Security makes software self-protecting so it can defend itself from vulnerabilities & attacks

Surag Patel (MEM ’05) – Chief Strategy Officer
Mahesh Babu (MBA ’14) – Product Marketing Manager

Contrast Security

Contrast allows your software applications to protect themselves against cyberattacks. Contrast’s patented deep security instrumentation allows you to find and fix vulnerabilities easily without writing a single security test and provide always-on protection of your live environment – all with the same platform. We do this without disruptive scanning or expensive security experts.

Los Altos, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

How to get in touch:
Email Surag ( or Mahesh (

InnovationHOW offers innovation resources

Betsy Plattenburg
Duke ’82 Political Science
Married to George Plattenburg Duke ’81
Parent of Kevin Plattenburg Duke ’12

Betsy recently left a ten year career at Georgia Tech where she facilitated more than 200 customized meetings between Fortune 500 companies and emerging tech startups and helped to recruit 16 corporate innovation centers to Atlanta. The next logical step after more than 30 years of connecting people for mutual benefit was the creation of InnovationHow.

InnovationHOW is a national consortium of innovation experts available to help you figure out what’s next. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Access the best talent from the Venture, Startup, Academic and Corporate worlds to serve as innovation resources and guides.

Services include:

Startup Matchmaking:
Meet innovative, vetted tech startups working on problems you are trying to solve. They will have products and ideas you haven’t considered.

Silicon Valley Immersion Tours:
Strategic, customized tours for leadership teams inspire people to action. Meet privately with key players on the forefront of future technologies. Great for team building and for developing understanding of the external innovation process.

Incubator Collaboration:
Identification and partner plan to leverage expertise of specialized startup incubators to achieve your goals while getting positive press.

Accelerator Creation
Establish your own accelerator to focus on the vertical most important to you and your key customers. Watch relevant startups come to you.

Innovation Jumpstart:
Creation of virtual or physical innovation labs. Stop thinking about innovation. Start innovating.

IP Discovery:
The next great idea will come from the people who know you best. Facilitated employee discovery sessions capture ideas and begin the patent application process.

MoneyComb offering suite of financial wellness tools.

MoneyComb has strong ties to Duke. Our CEO, Mel Mattison, is a Fuqua MBA grad, class of 2010. Our CTO, Glenn Schleicher, also holds a Duke MBA, class of 2006. Beyond these connections, MoneyComb was selected as one of the first startups for Duke’s new Startup Lab run by Dan Ariely. Located right here in Durham, we continue to work closely with the Duke entrepreneurial community.

Founded in 2015 as a personal finance application that helps users spend smarter, MoneyComb offers a personality-based budgeting tool for discretionary spending. In the past year, we have also expanded our offering to include a B2B model, providing established financial firms with white-label “fintech” tools such as transaction tracking, budgeting, overall financial wellness assessments and more.

If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to reach out to Mel Mattison at or check out our site,

Dominate Test Prep offering online GMAT and GRE prep courses

My name is Brett Ethridge, and I graduated with my BA from Duke (Trinity) in 2000. I was a rower on the Duke Crew Team, a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, and a photographer for The Chronicle.

My startup company is called Dominate Test Prep. We offer on-demand video-based preparation courses for the GMAT and GRE. Our students are getting great results and dramatically boosting their GMAT and GRE scores in large part due to my (Brett’s) clear teaching style, the effectiveness of my unique strategies for each question type, the organization and structure of the app-based course software, and the extra customer service that ensures each student has a great experience.

We are based in Knoxville, TN (USA) but given that everything is computer-based, students can enroll in our courses from all over the world.

People can get in touch with me at, through our website at, or by calling 720-515-5808.

AktaryTech offering custom software development

AktaryTech is a custom software development shop that specializes in building full-stack JavaScript applications for mobile, web, desktop, IoT, VR, and AR. From large clients like Qualcomm and Universal Music to small startups, we help companies innovate, iterate, and deliver beautiful software that grows their bottom line. Our US-based consultants help clients adopt Node.js, migrate legacy applications to a serverless architecture, or simply augment internal development staff. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you!

AktaryTech was founded in 2008 by David Aktary (MBA ’07) to provide enterprise-level, technical advisory and implementation services in Los Angeles, California. The company expanded to Austin, Texas in 2016. Interested Duke alumni can reach out to David directly by email at or telephone at 248-212-6284. is a social platform focused users creating and building communities around rivalries of any kind

My name is Craig Richardson and I graduated Duke in 1987 and received my MBA from Fuqua in 1992. Having run a large sports agency, I have seen the power of rivalries and the emotion and passion they evoke in everyone. Rivalries are not just sports focused. If you have an opinion on any topic that may differ with your friend’s, you in essence have created your own rivalry. We are seeking new content partnerships, advertising relationships, full time hires to expand our team, and access to strategic investors as we will be heading into a Series A capital raise in Q4 of this year. Traffic has been better than expected and the site will be evolving quickly from its present form into something much larger by year’s end. We are located in the NY/NJ area, but offer virtual engagements as needed so relocation is not necessary for the right people. If you have an interest in speaking with us, please contact me directly at:

Craig Richardson
Twitter: @justrivals

Celldom is offering massively parallel single cell pharmacogenomics

I’m Zach Forbes, PhD, President & CEO of Celldom. I finished by BSE at Pratt in Biomedical Engineering in 2001, and my PhD in 2005 from Drexel in Philadelphia. This is where I met co-founder Benjamin Yellen, PhD, now Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Pratt. After I went on to be an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Hahnemann University Hospital, a Program Manager in R&D for global product development at BD (BDX), and a Principal at Philips Research in Shanghai where I spent 5 years running my entire operation in my second language, Mandarin Chinese. Ben gave me a call in 2015 with an idea to start a company based on technology developed in his laboratories. We quickly recruited Kris Wood, PhD, Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology at Duke Med School. Kris trained with the famed Dr. Bob Langer at MIT, followed by a Post-Doc at Whitehead/Broad with Dr. Dave Sabatini. He is an expert in genomic technology and drug discovery workflow.

Headquartered in Durham, NC, and working at Biolabs NC, Celldom has developed a new-to-world massively parallel, single cell pharmacogenomics system with the capability to screen tens of thousands of single cells in one experiment, identify the rare outliers, and genetically screen their mechanisms of drug resistance. This isn’t limited to just analyzing single cells, Celldom systems can form compartmentalized communities of intentionally arranged single cells that will open up novel applications in immunotherapy, oncology, infectious disease, and many other domains. We’re just scratching the surface of applications. Rare events such as drug resistance generally occur at scales currently unavailable from competitive offerings, and for the first time ever, scientists will be able to link the phenotype and functional heterogeneity with those cells’ genotype.

Our signature product is a proprietary analyzer and intelligent microfluidic chips, wherein each chip can organize identical communities of single cells in massively parallel (i.e. tens of thousands), keep cells alive for up to several days, challenge the arrayed cells with drugs or biologics, and finally prepare barcoded libraries for targeted down-stream sequencing, yielding multi-dimensional, actionable data. Most importantly, we are designing our systems and chips to be affordable to every cell biology laboratory from the smallest university program to the most elite cancer research institutes, allowing them to perform experiments previously unimaginable. As we scale up our customer base, we will begin offering sequencing services and decision support databases in a move that ultimately will shift us from being a pure biotech company to being a biotech big data company.

We are currently fundraising and are interviewing at Y Combinator for Summer 2017 session. If accepted, we will be entering the accelerator.

Please visit our website at for more information, and reach out to if you’re interested in making introductions for fundraising, collaborations, or sponsored research opportunities.

Uloop – Connecting College Students with Employers and Housing Providers

Corey Cleek
Fuqua 2000
Nashville, TN
Uloop CEO

FASHIONABLE – Offering beautiful products by women who have overcome

Corey Cleek
Fuqua 2000
Nashville, TN

Batch Consulting Services (BCS) offers predictive analysis services towards planning and executing primary business objectives.

BCS was founded by Larry Cumberbatch, a graduating (2017) PhD candidate in the medical physics program.

This company was formed to meet a growing need in the local RTP community. Startups in the Triangle need a competitive edge for surviving the first few critical years. Machine learning and predictive data analysis are additional tools that should be integrated in many decision making processes.

BCS will have offices in Durham, NC and Atlanta, Ga and can be contacted at the following website, which is still under development:

Quantworks, offering analytic product development for entrepreneurs with deep industry experience and a creative idea about how to use data in their field.

Quantworks was started by Duke alum Anthony Volpe (Trinity ’97) in October 2015. We have a portfolio of startup companies that we are associated with in industries as diverse as health, fintech, and sports. We are looking for more potential partners across all industries. We also build analytics solutions for large clients in the retail and manufacturing sectors.

Anthony Volpe (Trinity ’97) is the Founder and Principal at Quantworks. He has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Harvard, and has worked as the Chief Corporate Analytics Officer at Lenovo, as well as the Director of Analytics Advancement at SAS.

Sean Flynn (Trinity ’98) is the Senior Director of Venture Analytics at Quantworks. He is heavily involved in the startup portfolio decisions at Quantworks and the development of analytics products for the startup partnerships. He has a PhD in Economics from NYU and was working as an Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Strategy before coming to Quantworks.

We are located in Chapel Hill, NC. The best way to get in touch with us is by email at

Netify offers intellectual capital investment for pre-prototype stage startups

While working for IBM, I attended the Fuqua School of Business, graduating in 2003.

I left IBM this year to found Netify (, using in-house skills with Web application development, mobile app development, Watson-like machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) to underwrite the development of innovators’ ideas into working proofs of concept to be used for team building, business model refinement, and acquisition of go-to-market venture funding.

Netify’s hardware, software, and fabrication labs are located in Atlanta and various locations in Silicon Valley.

I can be reached at, or my cell (770)855-2100

Tame the Beast® energizing men’s products

John Cascarano is a 2001 Duke graduate of Trinity college (BA, English). His brand is called Tame the Beast® available at Based in Nashville, Tame the Beast® creates men’s grooming products with invigorating scents and energizing properties. You can reach John at

FarmShots offering a solution for management of bugs, diseases, and nutrients on a farm via satellite imagery

I’m a recent Duke grad as of about 9 months ago from the Pratt school of engineering, where I studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. We’re also connected to Duke through Matt Bailey, a graduate of the Fuqua school of business, who sits on our board. Located in Downtown Raleigh.

Happy to offer any help we can re: the agtech space!

I can be reached at

Hearful, offering a social listening application specifically for retailers to improve decisions across all business units.

Hearful is the first and only voice-of-customer application built precisely with the retailer in mind. It combines social listening with customer modeling and a deep understanding of core retail processes. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) models and delivery of results are constructed and tuned not solely by data scientists, but by retail domain experts. The end product is a set of actionable insights across all retail business units and at every level of the product hierarchy.

Anthony Volpe (Trinity ’97) is the Chairman at Hearful. He has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Harvard, and has worked as the Chief Corporate Analytics Officer at Lenovo as well as the Director of Analytics Advancement at SAS.

Hearful is housed in the Groundwork Labs Accelerator, in Durham, NC. The best way to get in touch with us is by email at

Campanda offering AirBnB for RVs

I graduated from Duke Class of 2013 with a B.S. in Economics. Campanda is AirBnB for RVs. HQ’ed in Germany and operating for a few years throughout Europe, Campanda is looking to grow its US market. We are located in Cambridge, MA and people can get in touch with me at

Protean offering digital personal learning platforms for learning networks such as schools

Protean was created by founder, Ali Sarafzade, a 2009 graduate of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Why Protean? The shift towards proficiency based education requires a different way to communicate learning that currently is not being addressed by existing tools. Protean addresses this need by enabling students to aggregate learning from any source into a digital portfolio that stays with them through their k16 learning journey. We are currently selling into schools, private schools, colleges, homeschools and other relevant “learning networks” that are focused on project based and proficiency based learning paths for their students.

Protean is based in Burlington, Vermont. Anyone interested in learning more about Protean can reach Ali at

SourceFuse offering software product teams to build innovative new products for other startups or as an on-demand innovation team for larger enterprises

Background: In my last term at Fuqua I pitched the concept of a global software team and recruited a team around the novel for the business plan class. I actually started this business after school, and we have grown into a 120 person global company providing innovative software development for startups and businesses. We run the full product dev team, meaning we can get a product to market and iterate it over time and bring technology expertise to companies that need it. Our website is and anyone can contact me directly at

Inventory Source offering data automation for retailers, connecting an online retailer’s product sources to their sales channels and automating the flow of inventory and orders.

Background: I started this company myself and wrote all the initial software. I ran this company while earning my MBA from Duke and worked to directly apply classroom concepts to my management of the business which helped it grow. We are based in Jacksonville, FL, and now have a 8 person team and thousands of paying customers. Our website is and anyone can contact me directly at

BoxBoat Technologies, IT consulting firm enabling enterprises to adopt containerization in development and production.

We are BoxBoat Technologies, a startup (founded May 2016) IT consulting firm headquartered just outside Washington, DC in Bethesda, Maryland.

Two of our four co-founders are Duke graduates — CEO Tim Hohman T’91 (Econ/History) and Kristen Hohman, Recruiting and Operations, T’91 (Econ/Political Science)

We are a small group of container experts devoted to best practices in using containers to lower costs, move to the cloud, and speed the software development cycle. We help customers in a variety of ways, including proof-of-concepts, legacy application containerization, as well as on-site or remote training and support for your team as they learn container best practices.

Docker “containers” are the latest trend in IT and are proving to drive enormous costs savings and efficiencies at large companies like MetLife, Visa, AT&T, and Northern Trust.

We are currently hiring technologists who love to work with customers, solve problems, redesign development practices for optimum efficiency, and embrace leading edge technologies. We offer positions in the Washington, DC and Research Triangle Park areas and support remote work.

You can contact me at

Tutorfly offering high school student-to-student tutoring with a focus on community

I’m a current undergraduate ECE/CS major at Duke in the Class of 2017. I have been working on a startup for the past few months that tries to improve the education and tutoring experience through an online pairing service for students of a common background (i.e. same school district).

We will be located in Los Altos, CA as well as UCLA since that is where most of the team is. We are still in the early stages but plan to have a bela launch by mid-May. Here are some links:

Facebook Page
Youtube Video

To contact us please email me at or the founder Parsa Rezvani at Thank you!

ModoSpira expands access to care for people living with COPD

I graduated with an MBA from Fuqua in 2006. I am a Managing Partner in a private equity fund focused primarily on healthcare investments. When I couldn’t find an acquisition to satisfy an obvious need that I identified in the care for people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, I took a 2-year (going on 3!) sabbatical to launch a company to fill the gap.

Objectives for ModoSpira:
Dramatically expand patient access to non-pharmacological treatments for COPD
Create a permanent, lifelong resource for people struggling with self-efficacy and the motivation to improve their chronic condition and quality of life
Reduce system-wide costs through a reduction in patient exacerbations and associated healthcare utilization.

Problem ModoSpira wanted to solve:
Due to a variety of obstacles – eligibility, capacity, cost and geographic proximity – less than 10% of patients diagnosed with COPD have access to probably the single most effective treatment for the disease – Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Traditional Pulmonary Rehabilitation is only reimbursable for certain COPD patients (Stage 2 or worse), is temporary in nature (8-12 weeks), requires a sizable patient co-pay (20%) and must be conducted in a select (and shrinking) number of outpatient settings sprinkled around the country. Therefore, a vast percentage of patients in the U.S. either don’t live near a facility, or if they do lack reliable transportation or can’t afford to attend. For the fortunate few that do have access and can afford it, they only receive a temporary benefit for the 2-3 months of the program, and the majority of these people decondition physically and emotionally to pre-program levels within 6-9 months after program conclusion.

Solution and Outcomes we achieved:
I founded the company with Dr. Ravi Kalhan, a professor at Northwestern University and the head of Northwestern Hospital’s COPD and Asthma Program, to take everything we know works in traditional, facilities-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and offer it remotely via desktop and mobile applications. In doing so, we have created an affordable, scalable and permanent resource people can access from anywhere and at anytime, and yet retains the patient-customization and psychosocial support critical to produce positive outcomes. We conducted a demonstration pilot in 2016 that produced equivalent or better outcomes to traditional programs in symptom improvement, physical output and quality of life measures. We also believe our participants experienced fewer exacerbations and unscheduled healthcare encounters than they did in the 6-months preceding the program.

Current status:
We used our experiences in the pilot and participants’ feedback to refine and expand our current product application suite, which we have just begun marketing to health systems, self-insured employers, physician practice groups and commercial and governmental payers.

We are located in Chicago. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 312-805-2800.

Helium develops professional grade photography and filmmaking tools for smartphones

I’m a ’05 Fuqua grad who spent several years in engineering prior to b-school, then several more in product management and marketing post-Fuqua. I started my own agency in 2010, and have shot commercials, videos and product photographs for companies such as Michelin, Lenovo, Allergan and Honeywell.

Helium was founded in 2016 and is located in lovely Durham, NC. In the last 3 years, smartphones have been used to shoot a Sundance film, create commercials for Bentley and Apple, shoot a fashion show for Burberry, photograph covers and photos for Bon Appetit and Billboard magazines, and generate all the content for a TV station in Switzerland. We’re developing professional grade tools that enable filmmakers, videographers, photographers, mobile journalists, vloggers and YouTube creators to use their smartphones to create content more effectively, reliably and efficiently.

If you’re interested in learning more about Helium or me, you can reach me at

Golden Source Consultants – Woman Owned, Millennial Driven Management Consulting

My name is Jordan C. Lofton and I am the founder and owner of Golden Source Consultants, a management consulting firm offering strategy, project management, business process, and training development through building a millennial driven talent pool.

Growing up in Roxboro, North Carolina I had a life long dream of attending Duke University. After working professionally in consulting after undergrad, I achieved my goal and attended the Fuqua Cross Continental MBA program class of 2012. Upon graduating I was approached by a client with a request to start my own consulting firm. With all of my savings I took the leap of faith and started Golden Source Consultants. That was 5 years ago this year.

Golden Source Consultants from the start has been focused on four core areas that help businesses that range from telecommunications, health care, manufacturing, government agency, retail, non-profit, and education. We believe that strategy, project management, business process, and training development not only are the engines that drive business but go hand in hand together.

Stemming from my love of developing great talent that delivers the highest quality work product, in 2014 I developed a unique program that leverages millennials coming out of undergrad, MBAs coming from industry looking to transition to consulting, or veterans making the move to civilian work. The GSC Associate program provides 20 days of training in our core offerings, leadership development, and hands on project experience across industry and skills. This develops our talent to be best in class while at the same time keeping our consulting rates affordable for clients.

If you are business leader who is looking for assistance with a project, help solving tough business challenges, or even just looking for a way to find great millennial talent, Golden Source Consultants would be happy to speak with you.

To learn more about us please go to or email us at

SquadUP offering mobile-first ticketing platform

SquadUP is a mobile-first ticketing, event management and audience engagement platform. The Company provides software to more than 600 customers including American City Business Journal, The New York City Wine and Food Festival, Fullscreen Live, The Charleston Wine and Food Festival, Gladiator Rock N Run, The USC Center for Body Computing and The Richmond Jazz Festival. The platform’s major value proposition hinges on an integrated and fully featured mobile application for attendees and organizers in addition to a completely white-labeled implementation package for enterprise customers.”

SquadUP was founded by Willie Litvack and Sam Mogil. The Company is based in Santa Monica, CA and if you’re interested in hearing more please schedule a demo!

Trinket offering coding tools for Middle and High Schools

CEO Elliott Hauser (Trinity ’05) cofounded Trinket with Brian Marks to make it easier to bring code into the classroom. Trinket offers an in-browser coding environment and premium collaboration tools for Python, Java, HTML, Glowscript and more. Trinket works with publishers and coding nonprofits to provide free interactive coding resources and sells premium plans to schools worldwide.

Kill the Bill offers state-level legislative tracking with nonprofit analysis

Kill the Bill offers state-level legislative tracking with nonprofit analysis. This is focused on North Carolina but we plan on expanding to other states.

I graduated from Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment in December of 2015 with a Masters in Environmental Management. I have been working at Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship since June of 2016. My service provides busy but politically-active people with a very easy way to keep track of legislation they care about as it moves through the North Carolina General Assembly. We are located in Durham, NC and people can get in touch with me at

iValu8, Inc. – Providing Intelligent WiFi that drives Revenue

My name is Andrew Fox, and my company iValu8 has developed an exciting solution called VivaSpot.

VivaSpot helps brick and mortar businesses drive revenue and foot traffic through automated marketing.

VivaSpot is like Google Analytics for a businesses store. It creates a 360 degree profile of a businesses customer footprint by connecting its WiFi, Point of Sale and customers smartphone usage. It analyzes purchases, location, visit history and other factors to create highly targeted campaigns.

We have VivaSpot deployed in hundreds of businesses around the country including restaurants, retail locations, gas stations, coffee shops and more.

I am a Duke Engineering grad (1985) and also received an MBA from Duke in 1991. I would love to get feedback from other Duke graduates, who may be interested in using our services, working with us, partnering with us or providing feedback.

You can reach me at

BrainJuice offering liquid brain supplement shot for focus, clarity, memory, mood & mental energy

I’m in the Fuqua Cross-Continent MBA class of 2017 that just got back from India. I’m also the President & Chief Happiness Officer of a startup out of Austin, TX called BrainJuice. BrainJuice provides a powerful, clean brain boost in one convenient little bottle. It helps you crush your day!

BrainJuice is a delicious, all-natural 2.5 oz liquid brain supplement shot scientifically formulated to support focus, clarity, memory, good mood, and mental energy. On top of high-quality brain supplements, organic superfoods, and natural (not synthetic) vitamins, our Original version has 75 mg caffeine from green tea extract (about 1/2 of a cup of coffee’s worth) and our Caffeine Free version contains decaffeinated green tea extract for the antioxidants.

We’re currently sold in 3 regions of Whole Foods (and growing), on Amazon, and via a subscription model on our website, We’re also in talks with GNC, about to be authorized in 600 stores nationwide! I’m very fortunate that the product really sells itself.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at

Linkage Health offering Mobile Patient Transfer Platform

My name is Ben Lee. I’m an ER physician currently practicing in Richmond VA. I just completed Fuqua WEMBA program in 2016. We are in healthcare IT space located in VA. Our team is currently working on a cloud-based patient transform platform. We goal is to facilitate and automate the patient transfer process from rural/community hospitals to larger tertiary medical centers.

We are in a very early stage of our startup and we would love to talk to others and share ideas with others who may be interested in healthcare IT space.

Please contact me at or my cell 201-787-8910.

M.Gemi (Reinventing Italian Luxury), Rockets of Awesome (A Better Way to Buy Kids Clothing), Follain (Non-Toxic Beauty & Skincare Products)

I graduated Trinity in ’07 with a BA in Sociology and a certificate in Markets & Management.

My company is called LAUNCH. We are a venture builder organization, which exists to conceive, launch and operate tech-enabled retail businesses in partnership with experienced management teams. Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs and operators and we are explicitly not an accelerator or venture capital firm.

Since our founding in 2013, we’ve launched 3 business, located in New York City, Boston and Florence.

M.Gemi (NYC, Boston, Florence) — Limited edition, handcrafted Italian shoes at uniquely accessible prices. New styles launch online and in M.Gemi stores every Monday.

Rockets of Awesome (NYC) — We make it easier for parents to outfit their kids. Fill out your style profile, and we’ll send a box with 12 items from the RoA collection, picked just for you. Everything is $15-35, so you’ll get style and convenience at an awesome value.

Follain (Boston) — Follain is the home of healthy, non-toxic & organic beauty products. We find, test and sell only the safest and most effective products from makers around the world.

We are interested in partnerships with businesses that can help extend our customer reach, as well as truly innovative e-commerce / omni-channel enablement technologies & solutions. Most importantly, we are always looking to for talented technologists, designers and entrepreneurs to join our team.

To follow up, please contact

Brightfield Technologies developing a new imaging modality

Brightfield Technologies is developing a new imaging modality – the next generation of CT and radiograph systems based on phase-contrast imaging (“PXI”) technology. Brightfield’s proprietary PXI technology allows users to image objects at a far higher resolution and contrast than conventional systems, and is protected by 4 patents – 2 granted and 2 pending.

Conventional MR and CT machines image at approximately 1mm resolution while Brightfield’s imaging technology can “see” down to a 5 micron level effective resolution – up to 150x more detail. Materials having micrometer scale imperfections not observable with other techniques are now visible. Our PXI technology can see hairline cracks in plastics, and resolve individual fibrils to allow detection of micro tears. We can see composite layers delaminating and bonds failing, and identify high risk arterial plaques that lead to stroke. The annual worldwide CT and MR market is approximately $15B per year, and we are poised to bring a disruptive technology to the imaging industry.

The cost of Brightfield’s PXI machines will be on par with conventional CT machines, with drastically improved soft tissue imaging relative to a CT – all without the need of a contrast agent. Brightfield’s machines will have a lower purchase price, lower maintenance costs, and higher throughput than conventional MR, again with no need for a contrast agent.

Brightfield Technologies is based in Baltimore, MD. David Brecher is the Founder and CEO of Brightfield Technologies. David is a 1987 graduate of Duke University, where he was a Public Policy Major. David may be reached at

ActiveWords: A powerful Windows Productivity tool

I’m Buzz Bruggeman, Duke Law ’71. Peter Weldon, Duke Fuqua ’75 and I are the co-founders of ActiveWords.

ActiveWords lets you instantly trigger actions that relate to TextExpansion, launch apps, navigating to websites, etc.

It’s used by Windows users globally including individuals at companies like HP, CBRE, New York life as well as entrepreneurs, medical professionals, #GTD practitioners and people looking to get back the only thing you can’t buy, i.e. time.

I’m in Seattle, Peter’s in Winter Park, FL 32789.

Burton L. Bruggeman
ActiveWords, Inc./Seattle

Resispeak offering Utility Data Analysis Software and Services

I am a Duke graduate (BSE Mechanical Engineering 2000, Master of Engineering Management 2001) who moved back to the area in 2011 and currently live in Cary. Since returning I have rekindled my relationship with Duke, including an annual seminar on Case Interviewing for Management Consulting for Pratt graduate students (hosting by the Pratt Career Services and the MEM Consulting Club), and a talk in 2013 on Energy Technology (

I started ResiSpeak a couple of years ago as a utility billing data collection and analysis service, in part to support Duke University’s Carbon Offsets Initiative. ResiSpeak was used to collect and analyze the energy use in homes of Duke University employees whose homes underwent retrofit. ResiSpeak’s objective was to collect and analysis the utility billing data in order to measure the energy savings and quantify the value of the carbon credits generated to support Duke’s quest to be carbon neutral.

Since then, ResiSpeak has grown. We have gone from analyzing houses and groups of houses to building portfolios and entire electric utility data sets. I incorporated Resispeak Inc. as a stand-alone entity in January 2017 and of course located it in Durham NC. We have expanded out of state, but continue to be locally engaged and are involved in several interesting initiatives, including:
A DOE-funded grant to deliver a mapping application for five counties in eastern NC with the objective of helping local government to lower the energy burden of residents. The technical leadership of the grant is through NC State University (

ResiSpeak will be doing the utility data collection and analysis for the local Bull City Workplace Challenge (, an initiative to improve the sustainability of Durham workplaces, an initiate led by more Duke alumni.
I am also continuing my collaboration with Charles Adair of the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiate (cc) and look forward to doing more work with Duke later this year.

For more information on ResiSpeak and our services, feel free to check out our website (

Finally, as I always tell people at Duke when I interact with them, we are perpetually in need of good software developers with an interest in energy efficiency.

The ANDI Brand offering Convertible Vegan Unisex Bags

Andrea Weinberg – CCMBA 2010d

I was living in NYC and working full time while pursuing my MBA in the cross-continent program. I wanted a waterproof cover for my bag that folded up very small. I prototyped the first ANDI in 2010 during the China residency. I loved the light-weight convenience of the invention and focused my mission not on a cover, but on a refined handbag to keep up with my fast-paced life, love of adventure and efforts to become a leader of consequence ;).

In it’s 68th iteration (a process inspired by the IDEO case study), our signature unisex silhouette transforms from Messenger to Tote to Backpack, has an inside removable clutch that the bag itself folds into, attaches to a suitcase, holds a yoga mat and boasts a non-slip shoulder grip. Our tagline is Be Good To Yourself and it is on the back of every ANDI label. All of our products are extremely light-weight, weatherproof, durable and vegan.

We are sold at high-end wellness and fashion retail establishments across the US, Canada and the UK. We were recently featured in Vogue, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, The New York Times (Style Section) and our donation to survivors of domestic violence was featured on the homepage of Women’s Wear Daily in March 2017.

Contact information is as follows:

NYC Showroom (by appointment): 56 W. 22nd St – 9th Floor
Social: @theandibrand

waterstoneGLOBAL (Sara L. Allen T’01) – offering branding, marketing, business and strategic consulting services

Sara L. Allen
Principal and Founder
Better together starts with you.TM

Why waterstoneGLOBAL?

waterstoneGLOBAL was founded by Duke T’01 graduate Sara L. Allen, who believes that we are better together, and it starts with each individual being his or her best self. We blend the curious, incipient energy of a startup with over 15 years’ experience to sustain a lasting vision of everyone, everywhere, living life well.

waterstoneGLOBAL works toward this vision by engaging the social sector in capacity building efforts. First and foremost, we are a listener, resource and guide, helping clients and community members to explore new ways of thinking and doing.

Equipped with possibilities, we navigate a unique course for each engagement, providing services such as:

– Branding: defining your mission, vision, values and core messaging

– Marketing: designing your logo, materials and website

– Business development: defining your platforms, networks and outreach strategy

– Strategic planning: facilitating your discovery of goals and objectives to take you forward

We partner primarily with leaders in community development, mental health, integrated wellness, refugee services, and faith-based initiatives, but we gladly support the efforts of anyone who seeks greater effectiveness and joy at work and desires to live life well. Learn more at


Sara L. Allen
Based in Arlington, VA (serving clients coast to coast)

SmartShoot offering professional photos and video at scale

I graduated with a BS in Econ from Trinity in 2004. I am executive with SmartShoot and was employee number one. I previously held finance and operations roles at a venture backed media company and started in M&A investment banking after undergrad and grad school.

SmartShoot is a venture backed software platform and creative network that helps companies create on-location content at a massive scale. Our API driven platform enables hundreds of shoots a day, all over the world, for some of the largest real estate, food delivery, local search and SMB advertising companies. Partners use our technology to cost-effectively drive sales, increase engagement and attract new users with content that is far superior to stock or UGC. SmartShoot was founded in July 2012, raised seed capital from SoftTech VC, is profitable and growing 50% YOY, has 19 employees and is based in San Francisco.

People can contact me at

Bottega8 offering development and design for mobile and web apps

Nick Talwar graduated from Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering in 2008. After college, he worked at Microsoft as a Technical PM building search and app recommendations web services for Windows 7 and 8. He’s a serial tech entrepreneur who started his first company building websites in the 90s in his hometown of Redmond, WA near the Microsoft campus. Since 2009, Nick co-founded and launched two consumer startups, Urbandipity and Keepsake. Nick has close ties to Duke entrepreneurship as a mentor for undergraduate startups through the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program.

Nick and his long-time startup cofounders formed Bottega8 in 2012, a full-service product design and development agency. Since then, Bottega8 has designed and developed mobile and web apps for startups in SF, Seattle, and Chicago as well as Fortune companies like Disney. Each one of our designers and developers has at least 10+ years of experience in tech and fonded their own startups in the past. Our work is generally full-time and remote, but we do sometimes collaborate with companies on-site.

In the past year, Bottega8 has shipped an IoT healthcare wearable app and a shopping app as well as a big data analytics product. Our team has grown this year, increasing our capacity to take-on new startup and corporate clients through referrals from our network.

You can email Nick Talwar at if interested in learning more about Bottega8’s services, past clients, and team. Here’s Nick on LinkedIn: Thank you!

Orderly Health opens free BETA to automate your healthcare questions

My name is Kevin Krauth ’04, and I am the CEO and Co-founder of a company called Orderly Health.

We’ve created an automated healthcare concierge that incorporates a number of different healthcare services and data sources to help you navigate the healthcare space.

For Individuals, our FREE services lets you send a text message to Orderly to:
Find the lowest cash prices for medications (“How much is lisinopril?”)
Find open pharmacies or clinics nearby (“Where is the closest hospital?”)
Diverting people from dermatologists and/or answering questions about rashes or skin conditions (“I have a rash, where should I go?”)
Finding doctors filtered by coverage if you add your plan (“Find me an orthopedic surgeon covered by my plan”)

For Employers / Payers, in addition to everything above, we can also support:
price compare for both cash and covered prices (formulary pricing) for medications
benefits questions (what’s my copay for…? how much is my co-insurance? etc.)
lowest prices for common services (MRIs, lab tests, etc.)
doctor scheduling (soon)
We also can support all of the above functionality as well as program scripted responses in Slack
Please sign up today and start playing with the bot. Remember, it is still brand new, so it may generate a number of errors, but go ahead and try asking some questions similar to use cases above.


We’d love your feedback (, or if you or your company would like to pilot our enterprise service, please let me know!

Focusmate offering live, peer accountability to eliminate procrastination

Focusmate helps independent and home-based workers eliminate procrastination by providing live, peer accountability over 1-hour video sessions, like an on-demand study buddy for adults. Schedule a session now at

HQ: New York, NY

Contact me at Priority given if you do a session before reaching out.

Cutting Edge Gamer Grows Graphics Card Leasing Service for PC Gamers

I graduated from the Pratt School of Engineering with a BS Mechanical Engineering in 1996. Since then, I have worked for Texas Instruments as a process engineer, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as a business analyst and most recently – since 2010 – running Cutting Edge Gamer as the President & Founder.

Cutting Edge Gamer leases high end graphics cards to enthusiast PC gamers, allowing them an affordable option to game with the latest & greatest graphics card hardware at all times through our Infinite Upgrades® program or purchase it at the end of the 12-month term. CEG won the Texas A&M MBA Venture Challenge in 2013, has more than doubled in size since 2014 and is currently a spotlight company in the Texas Venture Labs Accelerator Program this spring.

Cutting Edge Gamer is based in Austin, Texas.

For all general questions and/or inquiries on investment opportunities, please contact James Walsh BSME ’96 at

Horsepower Technologies Inc. (“HTI”) offering a revolutionary product that addresses equine lameness and addresses soundness through scientific advances.

Horsepower Technologies Inc. is a Massachusetts-based healthcare start-up dedicated to combatting equine lameness. HTI is commercializing a revolutionary product line that significantly reduces both the rehabilitation time and incidence of lameness in racehorses and sport-horses throughout the world. Based upon years of pioneering research at the Cummings Institute of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and defended by a robust portfolio of patents and patents-pending, HTI will commercialize two specific equine orthotic products, namely FastTrack™ and SoundTrack™ beginning in 2H 2017.

Mouli Ramani (Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, GEMBA 1999) serves as the company’s President and CEO. The company is located is just north of Boston, Massachusetts. We are currently looking for equine rehab centers for testing and are raising our “A” Round of funding to drive the commercialization process.

Please check us out at or contact me at

Debitize offering an app that helps you keep your credit cards paid off!

Hi Dukies! I’m a Pratt ’09 grad, recently started a company in NYC called Debitize to help folks like yourself maximize your credit score + credit card rewards, while staying on top of payments so you don’t get into debt. We built an app ( that connects your credit card to your checking account, and keeps your credit cards paid off as you spend money. Have questions, want to chat, or want to test drive our new iOS app? Shoot me a message at!

Catlilli Games offering STEM tabletop games for ages 4+

I am a neurobiologist turned educator who graduated with distinction from Duke University in 1999 with a B.S. in Biology and a Certificate in Neuroscience.

Catlilli Games, LLC creates science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) tabletop games targeted for children ages 4+. Co-founded by a scientist and an engineer who transitioned to careers in education, we offer tabletop STEM games from a variety of fields: genetics (Crazy Cats), biology (Cycles), engineering (Will it [Blank]?), and computer programming (Tacto). Our goal is to teach children complex STEM topics in a fun, engaging manner.

We are part of the Virginia Serious Game Institute at George Mason University (GMU). Our office is located on the GMU Science & Technology Campus in Manassas, VA.

Interested parties should contact Catherine Croft Swanwick, Ph.D., at

Okava Pharmaceuticals is developing life-saving medicines for dogs and cats.

Okava’s goal is to capitalize on the highly under-developed, but rapidly growing veterinary pharmaceutical market, by repurposing validated human medicines using mature drug delivery technologies. Okava was founded by Michael Klotsman (Fuqua MBA, 2006), and is advised by Chad Eisele (Fuqua MBA, 2006). To date, Okava has raised ~$1M via our Friends & Family round (i.e., convertible note). We’re gearing up for our priced Series A financing round, but taking on additional F&F investors until we secure Venture Capital.

Michael is based in San Francisco and can be reached at To learn more about Okava, please see:

Bungalow Insurance is simplifying insurance for Millennials

Bungalow Insurance is using data and design to simplify insurance for millennials. With an initial focus on renters insurance, Bungalow has created a new brand in insurance that finally meets the needs, habits, and expectations of millennial customers. Bungalow leverages its industry-leading API technology to distribute its product through partnerships with key affiliate partners that meet the renter at the point of need.

Bungalow was founded by Tom Austin (T, ’08) and Zack Stiefler (T, ’09) and is located in New York City. You can get in touch with Tom and Zack at

Helix Sleep offers personalized, made to order mattresses.

I’m Kristian von Rickenbach, one of the cofounders of Helix Sleep. I graduated from Duke in 2008 with a dual degree in Economics and Philosophy.

Helix Sleep is an ecommerce sleep brand offering personalized, made to order products. We’re making it easier to get a great night’s sleep by taking our customers through our proprietary sleep quiz, asking basic questions about who you are and how you sleep, and algorithmically designing products specifically for them. We raised our Series A in the summer of 2016 and are headquartered in New York City. We have manufacturing partners across the US and ship to all 50 states and to Canada.

You can get $50 off your custom mattress with the code DUKEHELIX at You can reach me at or our team of Sleep Specialists 7 days a a week at or (888) 330-0781.

StrongKey offering an affordable, password-free, and easy to use data protection for small businesses, individual practitioners, and home offices.

My name is Jake, and I am a 2011 Duke MBA alum who has recently co-founded a cybersecurity company. We have developed a physical box with our own software and web application that enables a highly secure way to store and send sensitive data. Our technology has been battle-tested and currently used by large enterprises like StubHub and the Banque de France, and now we are moving to address the SMB market. I’m interested in (1) connecting with other Duke alums in cybersecurity, (2) further understanding our potential customer base by listening to pain points around data protection and file sharing, and (3) starting funding conversations.

Our company is in both the Bay Area and Durham, and I work out of downtown Durham. I’m always up for a coffee, beer, or phone chat. The best way to reach me is at

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